The Rise of Collaborative Cocktails

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Authentic.  Fun.  Valuable. 

Go to the store and you'll find thousands of products.  They'll list out the ingredients, why they're special: "low-fat", "organic", "authentic", etc.  For most all products although they're made up of the sum of their ingredients, those ingredients are commodities and often not sold in the store themselves.

But cocktails are different.  Cocktails by their very nature are combinations of other ingredients, namely alcohol, liquid which is sold in the very same store.  Moreover, at bars and restaurants that serve cocktails, the respective alcohol in each drink is listed.  

This should be the case for pre-bottled cocktails at the store.  It doesn't exist because existing bottled cocktails are of too low quality for existing brands to collaborate.  But what if there were a cocktail that actually made other brands product shine?  Where brands were excited to get their supply in a drink, like at the bar? 

Enter, DRNXMYTH.  We're a producer of creative drink productions, working with brands, bartenders and industry influencers. 

We'll hope our collaborate productions with spur other such efforts, creating more economic value for consumers and existing brands because they work together.  We believe it will create more value over all, but also ultimately more fun and authentic products.