5 Ways We Are Changing Your Home Cocktail Game

For now, we kiss the days of meeting at a bar for a $15 cocktail, goodbye. But that doesn’t mean we can no longer enjoy an expertly crafted cocktail with fresh ingredients! Our bottled cocktails are changing the game for at-home happy hour. With 60 minute local delivery and one day state-wide delivery, you don’t need to cut out the joy of spontaneity.

Still need convincing? That’s ok, we’ve got time.

1.Nothing artificial. EVER. Seriously, the ingredients are real, never synthetic, heated or chemically altered. Just cold-pressed goodness delivered straight to your door. And fresh for 6 months when kept in the fridge. Yep – we scienced our way to a better cocktail. 

2.Two-chamber bottle design. The spirits and juice remain separate for guaranteed quality. You’re just a Twist, Shake and Pour away from a delightful cocktail. Just like at a bar, but without the wait.

3. Expertly crafted – not your grandma’s Old Fashioned – unless your grandma is a professional mixologist. Oh, and every bottle contains 2.7oz of liquor, so you know we’re not stingy.

4. It won't break the bank. Purchasing each ingredient separately can set you back $60. Keep it simple with pre-crafted perfection ready to go in 30 seconds for just $9.99.

5. Lightning fast delivery as soon as one hour locally in LA or overnight anywhere in CA. No more braving the liquor store with “Karens” breathing down your neck while you wait in line. We make it easy to plan a last minute game night, happy hour, or who are we even kidding – just getting through the day at this point is a victory – so order away!