Fresh Spa Water


Our Eastside gin cocktail is refreshing, herbaceous, and meticulous. It is created by mixologist, Saeed 'Hawk' House.

Ready To Drink Gin Cocktail

If you're looking for a drink that showcases all that's great about gin, then the DRNXMYTH Eastside cocktail is it. Our ready to drink gin cocktail is like nothing you have sipped before.

What's In DRNXMYTH Eastside Cocktail?

We blend fresh cucumbers, and then double-strain it, for those punchy fresh cucumber notes. Then, we slap whole-leaf mint so it's fully activated before infusing that into the liquid as well.  We leave it in cold, purified water for 24 hours where it becomes a clear-like chilled tea. After adding fresh lime and a dash of sugar, the gin botanicals bring together all the herbal and cucumber notes in a light spa water taste. 

Spirit: GIN

ABV: 16%

Serving Size: 2 Drinks



Gin with Cucumbers ūü•í, Fresh Lime, Cane Sugar, Mint-infused Water






Spirit Forwardness


Sour Factor


Spicy Factor

Saeed 'Hawk' House Saeed 'Hawk' House Saeed 'Hawk' House Saeed 'Hawk' House


Saeed 'Hawk' House

"My drink-making style is what I like to call "mixology in a minute." As much as I appreciate mixology, I also am very adamant about being at the party and not missing memorable moments by being in the kitchen or at the bar making overly complicated drinks. I like to create drinks that are delicious but not too time-consuming to make. After all, who wants to miss out on that "Remember that one time when…" story." - Saeed House @Cocktailsbyhawk

The Perfect Gin Introduction

Gin and The Eastside

Coming from the Daiquiri family of cocktails, this drink is actually just a modern-day Gimlet, with the inclusion of mint and cucumber. Refreshing and a summer's day favorite, while also known to be useful in warding off scurvy (as the British Navy found in the 1800s), this drink is great year-round.

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