Bartenders in a Bottle

We’re with you – we’re longing for the days when we could casually stroll into our favorite neighborhood bar and order an expertly-made drink. Like you, we miss connecting with the bartender over learning about what makes a drink special and how they put their own individual twist on even the most classic cocktails. House-made bitters here, a double-dose of olives there. 

We love that every bartender can’t help but inject a little bit of their personality into their drinks. And we won’t stop them. They’ve spent years behind the bar, constantly tinkering, always honing their craft. This is where we come in. We work to capture that spirit, expertise and drive and bring it home to you.

Using only trusted, bartender-approved ingredients and methods, we’re bringing the craft cocktail bar straight to your door. No, neither Jason Yu nor Bad Birdy can stick it out at home with you (I know, we wish!), but sipping on their drinks feels like the next best thing.