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In our experience, a bar dedicated to cocktails was one of best ways to consume alcohol. And we’re not alone in that thinking. In 2018, on-premise sales represented $147 billion in sales, about 53%.

But things are different now. Historically, liquor has been one of the most resilient industries, even during a recession. According to David Ozgo, Senior Vice President of Economic and Strategic Analysis at the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S. (DISCUS), overall consumption of alcoholic beverages don’t dramatically change during economic downturns. Typically, beer and wine sales rise and liquor sales decline. Demand for budget and mid-priced (premium) spirits usually increase, while demand for high-end super-premium and ultra-premium spirits diminish. Producers sell roughly the same amount of spirits, but, the major change is that distribution channels shift from on-site sales to "to-go" orders.

The COVID-19 pandemic, however, has complicated this pattern. According to Ozgo,"States accounting for 93 percent of supplier on-premise sales have now either closed or imposed restrictions on bars, restaurants, nightclubs and other on-premise venues." 

Danelle Kosmal, Vice President of Beverage and Alcohol for the market research firm Nielsen, states, “That frequent on-premise drinker is 60% more likely to have purchased more alcohol in the past month through delivery or pick up from a store, 80% more likely to have purchased online from a bar or restaurant, and 55% more likely to have increased their online purchases from a brewery, winery or wine club, or distillery”. 

With few options for on-premise consumption, drinkers are turning to the internet. Online alcohol sales are soaring with canned alcoholic beverages gaining on competitors. Drizly, an alcohol E-commerce platform operating in over 100 markets across the United States and Canada, has seen a 300% rise in sales. Wine clubs and alcohol sales apps have also experienced an uptick in buyers.

Traditional ways of finding freshly made cocktails now seem out of reach. Now more than ever, it’s important for liquor businesses to play catch-up and pivot away from the former, in-person business model. The future of alcohol sales are online and to-go. 

DRNXMYTH offers a safe alternative to grabbing a drink at the bar. We are committed to convenient shipping, and of course, quality ingredients. We depend on our local LA retailer to ship all of our products, with 60 minute delivery for LA residents and overnight shipments for California residents. We’re all adjusting to a new way of living now, but with that comes innovation. DRNXMYTH is here for it.