The First to Use Tech For Fresh Cocktails

Our patent-pending bottle technology separates fresh juice from spirits, preserving the quality of each ingredient and allowing you to mix a fresh cocktail on demand. We never need to use heat, preservatives or artificial flavors.

Just rotate the bottom chamber and shake to combine the liquor and the juice. Internally, a hardened plug moves upward enabling the top and bottom to flow together seamlessly so every sip is packed with flavor. 

How do we keep it tasting so fresh? High pressure – to the tune of 85,000 psi – that’s a lot. The pressure stabilizes the juice by deactivating microorganisms and enzymes that can cause spoilage. Heat would also stabilize the juice, but it would also certainly mute and diminish the flavor. Where’s the fun in that? Our ingredients are never heated, ensuring peak quality. Once it’s bottled and pressurized, the container is air-tight to prevent any oxidation, which can cause bacteria and mold to thrive. No one wants that.

Finally, we only use cold-distribution. Our retailers keep the bottles chilled and they remain ice cold as they are delivered or shipped to your door. 

Sciencey diagram of our internal bottle structure

We’re proud to be the first to bottle fresh cocktails using only natural ingredients that are ready to drink on the spot.