Long Weekend Trip Ideas After COVID

It’s been a tough 2020/21. We know it, you know it. So it’s time to start having fun and getting out. It’s time to start exploring again and thinking about a nice long weekend.

Whether you need a family trip, solo mission, couples weekend, or just a road trip with your friends, we’ve got the best long weekend trip ideas after COVID (we’re not bragging, honestly).


Long Weekend Trip Ideas After COVID

As we’re starting to come through the chaos of COVID, we know it’s the time to start planning little weekend vacays to bring some joy back to our lives (Anyone remember what joy is? Anyone?) 

So if you’re planning a long weekend trip in the US to find that little bit of joy again, check out our favorite locations and accompanying cocktails, so you can switch off, unwind and experience the fun in life again:


chicago river

Best Chicago Long Weekend Ideas

Ah Chicago, the birthplace of the Twinkie and the sole reason why our love of deep dish pizzas exists! From the moment you arrive in Chicago, you’re met with a mix of a relaxing beach holiday, and a buzzing city vibe.

The city really does cater to everyone; whether you’ve got money to burn or you’re wanting to stick to a budget, places like the famous Magnificent Mile are ideal, as it’s completely free to visit and you can choose where and when you want to spend your hard earned dollars. 

If you’re looking to enjoy a quieter side of Chicago, then you absolutely need to visit one of their many beaches (North Avenue is our personal favourite), where you can de-stress and unwind.

Our cocktail recommendation for the cheeky little treasure that is Chicago? It’s got to be the Clover Cub. Fruity, Vibrant and Chilled AF!

boston city skyline at night in the snow

Boston Long Weekend Ideas

Our beloved Boston, how could we ever choose our favorite long weekend ideas from everything you have to offer? Well, we kinda have to, otherwise this blog would be pointless! It’s got everything we could want, set in the middle of the New England deliciousness with a punchy little attitude, it’s easy to see why people fall in love with Boston so easily. 

For a cheap, cheerful and completely delightful little break, team copious amounts of lobster rolls with a jaunt along the Freedom Trail (calories don’t count while you’re walking, right?) and we’re almost certain you’ll have found your Happy Place.

Our cocktail recommendation for beautiful Boston? We absolutely have to honour the yearly apple picking activities in New England, and recommend our Maple Apple Toddy of course!


new york skyline over the river hudson

Long Weekend Vacation Ideas East Coast

You know we had to mention New York in our long weekend vacation ideas don’t you? How could we not? As one of the most famous cities not just on the East Coast, but in the entire world, New York has literally everything you could want. 

On a budget? There’s delicious hot dog stands and stunning walks around Central Park to keep you included in the welcoming madness of the city, without breaking the bank. Got a little cash to spare? Treat yourself to a private guided tour around the Empire State Building, for that extra bit of luxury.

Our cocktail recommendation? It’s got the be the Peach Inferno. Fruity, Feisty and Fun, the perfect New York partner!

two people stood hugging in a garden

Cheap Long Weekend Ideas

Don’t be fooled! Long weekend ideas don’t have to include packing a bag and heading to a different city. If covid restrictions have taught us anything, it’s that we can all be creative with our time when we need to be, and if money has been tight (we know the feeling!), there’s nothing stopping you from turning a dull weekend at home into something awesome. 

If you’re enjoying the comfort of your own home, why not set up your own outdoor bar, where you can sample our entire range of craft cocktails with our Full Bar multipack and the only trip you’ll need to make is from your couch to the cooler!


northern lights in midwest US

Long Weekend Vacation Ideas Midwest

One of the most popular bucket list items in the world, is to see the Northern Lights. But did you know that if you time your trip well, you can experience the Northern Lights in the midwest without ever having to travel further afield?

The Upper Peninsula in Michigan is one of the best places in the US to be able to witness this truly impressive sight, so we’d recommend a cosy log cabin away from civilization, a few cocktails and a stroke of good luck to be able to catch a glimpse of one of the world’s most breathtaking sights.

Our cocktail recommendation? The Hibiscus Haze - Mystical, Smoky and Complex, it fits the bill perfectly!

disney world main street with balloons

Long Weekend Ideas Florida

We’re not going to mention Disney World, we’re really not! We’re grown adults with responsibilities, jobs and frown lines, so why would we mention Disney World?

Yeah, OK, fine, Disney World. 

We’re not condoning drinking alcohol at a children’s (yes it’s a children’s theme park, shut up!) fun day out, but we’d totally recommend the Rum Punch, it tastes like happiness and magic. 

*Mic Drop*



palm trees and blue sky

Long Weekend Trip Ideas In California

So much to do, so little time! California is absolutely packed with interesting things to cram into a long weekend; take your pick from quirky attractions such as Alcatraz Island or relaxing with a cruise along the 17-Mile Drive, there’s something for everyone. 

You’re also totally spoilt for choice in regards to which beach you choose to top up your tan, as Malibu and Laguna beaches have been voted as two of the best beaches in the whole of the US.

Our cocktail recommendation? We’re going to be unashamedly cliche when we recommend the classic Tequila Sunrise - Well Balanced, Zesty and Totally Chilled.