The DRNXMYTH Virtual Happy Hour Process

You are looking for a virtual event, and you have made the incredibly wise decision to create a virtual happy hour that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. Your remote teams will thank you.

You may have heard of DRNXMYTH, or you were just looking around at different ways to make a Virtual Happy Hour happen, but this article will walk you through how easy DRNXMYTH makes hosting a virtual happy hour.

a group of people with drinks with text saying group happy hours

What you Would Normally Need to Do

If you want to create your own virtual happy hour without partnering with a virtual happy hour company, you first have to figure out when everyone can meet.

You then need to figure out how you going to get drinks to everyone.

Then you need to figure out how to get what kind of drink everyone wants.

You then have to ask for everyone's address.

Next, you need to figure out how to group mail cocktails and ensure they are going to get there in time.

Then people are going to change their mind, and complain, and not get their drink on time, and are going to blame you for things completely out of your control.

That just sounds miserable.

How DRNXMYTH Makes it Easy

Once we have the basic information, we will set up a promo code for your company. Then your team members can go pick out their favorite high-quality, fresh, and unique cocktails made by some of the world's best mixologists.

After they have picked out their craft cocktails, they put in their shipping information and promo code at check out. The promo code covers the cost of their cocktails and delivery! If they want additional cocktails outside of what you want to cover, they can purchase additional cocktails a la carte.

Once they have placed their order, shipments are fulfilled by a licensed liquor retailer via 1-2 day shipping Monday-Thursday till 3 pm. Your team members will receive tracking information in an email when packages are on the way.

Any missed deliveries will be re-delivered the following day.

(Important note: Someone 21+ needs to receive the package. And sorry but no PO Box addresses...)

What Do You Get?

You and your entire team get fantastic cocktails mixed by some of the world's best mixologists.

You don't need any bar tools or a cocktail kit. All you need is the ability to twist, shake, and drink.

Tada. Crafted taste with the ease of opening a Coke.

What Headaches do you Avoid?

When you partner with DRNXMYTH to create a virtual happy hour, you don't have to figure out how you going to get drinks to everyone. We have got it covered.

You don't have to take drink orders. Your team members just pick their own.

You don't have to figure out addresses. It's just a part of the checkout process for each team member.

And if something happens for whatever reason, you won't get the blame and we will make it right.

You take the logistical nightmare that is organizing a team with liquor and you turn it into a simple three-step process.

First, you set a time. 

Then, you call us to make a promo code. 

Lastly, you send a message we craft for you to your team members. 



How To Get Your Virtual Happy Hour Started

To get your virtual happy hour underway, fill out our group delivery form. We will contact you to get basic information like the number of people, the number of cocktails, and some potential times for your virtual happy hour. Many companies provide each of their employees two cocktails, but that is entirely your choice.


Once we have the basics, we will send you a message to copy and paste to your team members. And then all you have to do is show up to the time you set.

So get your virtual happy hour scheduled today by filling out the group delivery form.

Talk soon.