What Are Some Great Father’s Day Gifts?

It's that time to celebrate your old man again and you aren't sure what the hell to get him. Also, you probably need a gift fast.

If you have an hour to get a gift, get a piece of paper, fold it in half, and draw a picture. Nothing says "I love you" like a poorly drawn card oozing with last-minute stress.

If you have a few days to get your "perfect gift for dad", you've come to the right place. You will walk away from this article knowing a few perfect gift ideas to get your dad. Well, if he likes booze. If he doesn't like booze, go buy a gift from here.

What Are Some Great Father’s Day Gifts?

Custom Engraved Glasses

If your dad likes to drink alcohol but doesn't have any glasses he's really proud of, be prepared to become the favorite kid.

With custom engraved glasses, your dad has his go-to drinking glass for his favorite drinks. If your dad is a beer guy, get him a pint glass. If he's a whiskey guy, a whiskey glass. Literally, all you need to succeed with this gift is his name and favorite kind of drink.

You quite literally can't go wrong with this gift. Unless you misspell something...
Other than that, you can't screw this up. You should use Home Wet Bar for your custom glasses. They are affordable, high quality, and fast.

Home Mixology Tools

If your dad has a taste for some classic cocktails, he needs the proper tools to mix. He probably has a way he shakes and stirs his drinks, and it probably sucks. Getting him a Boston shaker is going to change his life and mixing game.

To know exactly what you should get your dad for mixing drinks, check out our article on the most important bartending tools for a home mixologist.

Cocktail Recipe Book

If your dad already has the tools to become a master mixologist, he needs his source of inspiration. He needs The Ultimate Bar Book. The Ultimate Bar Book is the comprehensive guide to mixology. It's been called the bartender's Bible.
This book provides over 1000 cocktail recipes, a glassware guide, a bartending tools guide, and much more. If he's trying to expand outside of his Moscow Mule, and Tom Collins, this is the guide he needs.

Also, the internet may just not be his thing. Books make things a bit easier. Just also get him some readers cause the text is pretty tiny.


Stock His Cabinet

Have you ever shown up to some event with a bottle of liquor and had someone get pissed at you? Us too, but your dad probably won't get pissed if you brought him a bottle.

There are a few ways you can approach getting him a bottle.

  • Get him his favorite- You can't go wrong. Just get him what he always drinks and move on.
  • Get him your favorite- Create a moment to share something new with him. Saying something like "Hey Dad. I got you my favorite liquor cause I figured you'd like it too and I'd love to share a drink." is a nice way to ensure you'll enjoy drinking with your dad.
  • Get him something weird but cool- Take this as an opportunity to expand his horizons. He probably hasn't tried something weird like Peanut Butter Whiskey, but you know he's missing out. Help him. He needs you.


DIY Drink Mixing Kit

If you know what kind of cocktails your dad likes, go get him the ingredients. Some people recommend buying experiences over stuff. With a DIY Drink Mixing Kit, you get the experience of making your favorite cocktails, and getting told you're doing it wrong all in one package!

Some essential items for your drink mixing kit are limes, lemons, oranges, simple syrup, and ginger beer. With your citrus fruits, you can create wedges to add some visual appeal or squeeze them to get fresh lime juice, lemon juice, and orange juice.

Though not an essential element, you should probably also grab a liqueur of some kind. Liqueurs are just easy ways to add a new element to any cocktail. An orange liqueur like Triple Sec will do you well.


Mixed Drinks

If you like the reward of a mixed drink without the work of mixing drinks, we have you covered. Just get your dad something from DRNXMYTH. These cocktails are mixed by some of the best mixologists in the United States and can be shipped directly to your door in a few days.

(Adult) Child-tested and parent-approved, drinks like the Bourbon Sour or Apricot Rye Smash are sure to bring a slightly buzzed, crooked smile to your dad's face. If you aren't sure what drink he would like most, give him the gift of choice with a gift card or provide him literally every option with the full bar. Either way, he's gonna be happy.

Just Go Get Something

t this point, you have some good ideas. Now, just go get something. Don't worry about getting the wrong gift from this list. Just get him something this year, and come back to this list next year and get him something different.
You now have the next 20 years of Father's day gifts covered. You're welcome.