What Should I Keep Stocked In My Liquor Cabinet?

There's a lot of liquor you need to become a home mixologist. As you look to create a wide variety, of classic cocktails, what should you keep your liquor cabinet stocked with? We are glad you asked.

What Should I Keep Stocked In My Liquor Cabinet?

Whether you are starting out, looking for the best gifts for a mixologist, or are a tenured home bartender, this list is sure to help you in your journey towards master mixologist.

The Basics

Unless you are just loaded with cash to blow (if you are, go shop our cocktails), start small. As you build out your home bar, you need to focus on your favorite base spirit. If you love a good gin and tonic, why get the ingredients for a bloody mary?

Build out your home bar around your favorite cocktail recipes so you can get used to mixing and find enjoyment in it. If you get great at mixing drinks you hate, you won't continue to mix.

With that said, there are some absolutes bar tools you need. Nothing says to your house guests, "I know what I'm doing" like a foot long stainless steel spiral bar spoon. Check out this article on the the most important bartending tools for a home mixologist.

You are also going to need a few simple syrups. Check out our article on how to create simple syrups once you are ready to up your mixing game.

Lastly, become good friends with your local liquor store. They live for people like you. Ask questions. They have definitely taken advantage of being an employee and can save you a ton of time and money as you explore the world of mixology.


Bourbon is one of the most widely used base spirits in many crafted cocktails. As one of the most used and widely preferred base spirits for cocktails, Bourbon is going to be loved by you or someone you're mixing for.

Simply put. If bourbon isn't your first liquor for cocktails, make it your second. It's bourbon. Just get it.

For some great bourbon, check out our friends at the LA Distillery.

Rye Whiskey

The main difference between Rye Whiskey and Bourbon is Rye has a bit of a spicier taste. Rye helps to cut through a lot of mixers and gives a strong liquor taste to your whiskey cocktails.

If you like Bourbon, and haven't tried a Rye Whiskey, this is your next buy. Thank us later.

Our friends at the LA Distillery also have some great Rye.

White Rum

White rum are a bit sweeter than their dark rum counterpart. They don't lack any alcohol though. They are aged for less time than other rums. Pretty much all you have to do for white rum is distil it, filter it, bottle it, and you're ready for cocktails.

For some amazing white rum, check out our friends at SelvaRey.

Dark Rum

Though dark rum has the same humble beginnings as white rum, instead of being filtered and bottled immediately after distilling, dark rums are aged first. Aging dark rum in charred oak or wooden barrels gives dark rum its darker color and a bolder flavor. The longer it spends in barrels, the darker and bolder it is.

Try some dark rum from the LA Distillery


For those incredibly happy celebrations, or incredibly sad lonely nights, tequila has a special way of showing up. Tequila, most notably used in a margarita, is a spirit you don't want to go cheap on. A bad night with tequila is always worse.

When purchasing your tequila, make sure you get 100% agave. Anything less, and you will hurt.

For some fantastic tequila, check out Casa Mexico Tequila Blanco.


Vodka is super easy to work with. It's tasteless and odorless, so if you want alcohol in something, add vodka. It'll get the job done. There aren't a ton of classic cocktails that specifically call for vodka. Vodka's largest claim to fame would be the Moscow Mule and break ups.

Vodka is a fantastic opportunity to support a smaller, local distillery. Find a local distillery if you're looking to add vodka to your home bar.


If you are looking for something classic, Gin is used in a variety of classic cocktails. Typically loved by an older crowd, many local distilleries have started to create their own spin on Gin. Find a local distiller, and give their Gin a try in your next Gin and Tonic.

You're Stocked and Probably Tipsy

With your eye set on some great ideas for what you need in your home bar, go makes some friends at the liquor store, grab a bag of ice, and get mixing.

If you are looking for some recipes for your newly stocked bar, check out our blog or if you're looking for that next cocktail inspiration, grab a perfectly mixed cocktail from one of your favorite mixologists.