Why Should You Host a Virtual Corporate Happy Hour?

Let’s face it. The water cooler talk is dead. No Slack channel called “Water Cooler” can truly recreate the office gossip about Becky’s new boy toy. 

With more companies becoming permanently remote, you have gotta think about how you are going to keep the team together. Your teams are the greatest asset. When your team members don’t feel as connected to the team, they may find themselves window-shopping new opportunities on LinkedIn. 

You need to figure out how to bond your team together. The idea of a Virtual Happy Hour popped into your head, and you weren’t sure if it was a good idea. 

If you are on the fence about a Virtual Corporate Happy Hour, here are a few reasons it’s absolutely necessary for the health of your organization. 



Water Cooler Chats

At this point, you probably haven’t seen a team member face to face in months. When everyone was in the office, word always got around about a home move, a new baby, a new car, or whatever. The passing conversations that keep everyone in the loop just happened. 

These face-to-face interactions drive your team to stay together. When you feel known personally, it’s harder to up and leave the team. Now, you need something to recreate the face-to-face interactions of 2019. 

The Virtual Corporate Happy Hour can become the place your employees just catch up and talk with one another about how life has actually been. Your company is full of people. When you provide a virtual corporate happy hour, they have the opportunity to share more than their job description. 

When people see they are valued for more than their skills, they are more invested in the company overall. They also feel the company is invested in them. When people can invest in an organization that also invests in them, they stay. 


Company Stories

It is highly likely you have brought new employees into your company and haven’t ever met in person. Though numerous company stories can come out in regular meetings, sharing stories over cocktails is always better. 

Most of you should take this opportunity to reminisce on how far the company has come over recent years. So much of a companies culture starts with where you have been and where you are going. To talk about the hilarious missteps, and fantastic calculated risks are a great way to show new hires your company story and culture. 

These conversations can happen in other meetings. It’s just that cocktails tends to make these conversations a bit more interactive, relaxed, and impactful for new hires. When your team feels like they understand their piece in the larger picture of the company story, they will feel like they are being invested in. When you invest in your employees, they will invest in the company. 


A Way to Celebrate

Something lost over the past year more than anything else was the art of celebration. A Slack message and a few gifs about your birthday are nice, but you probably used to do a lot more to celebrate. 

Whether it be work anniversaries, birthdays, or just a milestone in the company, we aren’t celebrating the wins like we used to. When you forget to take time to celebrate, your employees will start looking to celebrate their new job. 

A virtual corporate happy hour is the perfect time to celebrate the wins... 

Did you just land a huge client? 
Did you just have a ton of employees pass a work anniversary? 
Did you just make it through a full year of a pandemic? 

You have reasons to celebrate. Find your reasons. 

Set a date. Send out the booze. Celebrate.

Your employees need something positive in their lives.

Click here to get started. 


Schedule Your Virtual Corporate Happy Hour

Simply put, this year has been rough for a lot of people. Your employees have been through a lot. By providing the opportunity to connect with their coworkers over a drink like they did before COVID may be the best thing you can do for your business. 

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Whether you do this or not, take some time today to connect with your employees. Your recognition of them and their work may be the encouragement they have been lacking for the past year.