We're excited to partner in disrupting the way cocktails are distributed. Below you'll find our minimum requirements along with frequently asked questions.

What you need to start taking in orders:
- Refrigerator space for 300+ bottles to be stored for orders
- Schedule of at least one staff member being on from 10AM to 10PM confirmed
- Designated "DRNXMYTH Order Pickup Location" - needs to be indoors, ideally a table or shelf/locker clearly marked with DRNXMYTH logo sign for drivers picking up orders

How will I be notified of orders? 
Notifications of pending orders are sent vie email or text message. 
Who will deliver the orders?
We have a network of drivers ready to pickup and deliver all orders. They will reference the order number they are picking up on arrival
How will I be paid on orders?
Monthly check or quarterly direct deposit.
What if there is an order issue?
Our customer service team is always able to assist regardless of the issue. 

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