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Peach Inferno

Tom Sandoval brings his iconic flair to the line-up with a cocktail you would never think would make sense -- and on paper it doesn't, but in your mouth it does. A taste of fire and fresh fruit blended perfectly. With its tantalizing stone-fruit spicy session-able notes, you’d have a hard time imagining all the ingredients would work. But when that first sip meets your taste buds, this creative fusion of flavors a party in your mouth. It is made with fresh ripe peaches from central CA, Tom’s spicy signature jalapeño syrup, refreshing grapefruit and lime juices, and locally made vodka by the Los Angeles Distillery 

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Spirit: LA Distillery Vodka

ABV: 16%

Serving Size: 2 Cocktails


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Fresh Peach Juice, Fresh Organic Grapefruit Jalapeño Syrup, Fresh Lime Juice, Vodka from LA Distillery


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Tom Sandoval

You may know Tom from his VanderPump rules fame, and his world-famous bar in West Hollywood, Tom Tom... Sandoval is definitely a man about town and a big personality with years of behind-the-bar experience. In fact, mixology is what broke him into Hollywood in the first place as he was the go-to for many celebrities in LA and across the country.

From the hands of a Legend

Tom Sandoval

Fresh peaches from CA's central valley to deliver a soft, natural flavor throughout each sip. Whole blended jalapeños into a puree then strained into its liquified form to make Tom's signature jalapeño syrup. Yes, this is spicy but the juiciness makes it a wild ride. Locally-made vodka, distilled from grapes by the Los Angeles Distillery, has an actual taste -- and that taste is rounded, juicy grapes, which complements all the notes of every other ingredient.

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