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Smoked Watermelon

Our watermelon cocktail is brought to you by Mezcal Verde, and our dearly missed friends Josue Romero (@thegarnishguy). A portion of profits will be donated to The Garnish Guy’s GoFundMe.

What's In Our Watermelon Cocktail?

This Smoked Watermelon cocktail is smoky and spicy, yet incredibly refreshing. Fresh watermelon is picked and gently juiced at its peak ripeness then blended with fresh lemon and limes, spicy honey and notes of fresh basil. A delicious agave-smokiness comes through each sip from the high-proof mezcal and its traditional underground roasting process, transported from a remote region of Oaxaca, Mexico.

DRNXMYTH Smoked Watermelon Cocktail 

To those reading this, the maker of this drink, Josue Romero, was a dear friend to us and an inspiration to many in the industry. We feel lucky to have been a part of his story and to be able to carry on his name. Josue, we love you and you will be missed. A portion of profits will be donated to The Garnish Guy’s GoFundMe.

Spirit: Mezcal Verde

ABV: 16%

Serving Size: 2x 100ml Cocktails



Mezcal, Fresh Watermelon, Fresh Lemon Juice, Spiced Honey, Aromatic Bitters, Basil Infused Water






Spirit Forwardness


Sour Factor


Spicy Factor

Josue ‘The Garnish Guy’ Romero Josue ‘The Garnish Guy’ Romero Josue ‘The Garnish Guy’ Romero Josue ‘The Garnish Guy’ Romero



"Craft is an interesting word, for many people, it means better and therefore expensive, I have been to really bad craft cocktail bars and had $30 rum and cokes. If you work with special care towards detail, then you should see your work as craftsmanship. For me, “craft” is the whole shebang; it’s the care, details, consistency, training, good tools, quality products, and the freshness of ingredients used when making cocktails. Cocktail styling is the art of arranging the components of a cocktail, more specifically in garnishing and glassware, to entice the sight of a consumer or potential consumers. Many times, behind the bar, I make a cocktail for a customer, and people around order the same cocktail just because of the way it looks, not even caring about its content." - The Garnish Guy

Our Spirits Partner

Mezcal Verde

Mezcal Verde, is named after the color of the 8-year-old Espadin Agave plant, as well as our commitment to sustainability and green practices. It has a purposeful smoky profile that is perfect for making cocktails and is artisanally made in our distillery in Tlacolula, Oaxaca.

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