Fresh, natural strawberry

Try our exciting strawberry mojito with a twist

A refreshing strawberry mint drink sensation that no one else has been able to recreate in a bottle

not your average cocktail

The secret lies in the delicate balance of mint-infused water and farm fresh strawberry puree used to create this Mojito sensation. Real mint is extra-infused into the water to bring an unmistakable authentic mojito quality to this cocktail without actually adding it to the bottle. Fresh, natural strawberry puree is infused with just a hint of sweet vanilla to craft our in-house syrup. And, because we reduced the sugar / citrus ratio, it's more sessionable than you’d expect.


Our 'Twist-to-Mix' bottle ensures all the ingredients are fresh when you pour. Simply twist the bottom half of the bottle clockwise and the membrane separating the two chambers will break, allowing the ingredients and spirits to mix.

We’ve Raised The Bar

Our fresh ingredients come from select family farms across California so they’re bursting with flavor. Once selected, these ingredients are batched and mixed the same day.

We pride ourselves on never using artificial ingredients or preservatives. That means our drinks are never heat pasteurized, or chemically altered, and contain no synthetic ingredients. Everything is cold pressed and truly fresh.

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Unlike other brands mixed cocktail drinks, you can actually taste each individual ingredient in this cocktail.

David S.

“They’ve solved a problem that’s vexed the spirits industry for years: creating a cocktail with more-or-less fresh ingredients in ready-to-drink form. No heat pasteurization, no preservatives.”

“This approach is quite innovative: it keeps the juice ingredients separate from the liquor, therefore preserving their fresh flavor, and it gives the consumer something to interact with.”

“Drnxmyth also set up a bartender program to help bartenders commercialize their recipes and bring them to market... And in light of the recent shutdown...”


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