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Clover Club


Tart botanicals, citrusy, velvety. This old school recipe from the gilded age of the 19th century is recreated by Clare Ward. Our Clover Club, with a sultry mouthfeel and vibrant pink color, is the perfect addition to any Valentine's Day celebration.
Shake hard for a minimum of 10 seconds -- and then maybe even pouring out a bit to allow for more space to aerate, and then shaking again for max vegan foam.

Bold berry flavor shines through our red raspberry syrup, which is balanced with fresh lemon juice. London dry gin brings a complexity that rounds out strong competing flavors.Instead of egg white to create its traditional 'head' (foam), it's modernized by using vegan 'aquafaba'.

Spirit: London Dry Gin

ABV: 16%

Serving Size: 2 cocktails



Fresh Cold Pressed Raspberry Syrup, Vegan Aquafaba, Fresh Cold Pressed Lemon Juice, London Dry Gin




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Clare Ward Clare Ward Clare Ward Clare Ward

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Ward’s bartending career began in Cincinnati, after she left the theater track she’d been on in high school and college. Her Midwestern friendliness helped her land her first L.A. bar job at Ford’s Filling Station in Culver City (now closed), which led to her first bar director position when the neighboring restaurant Akasha opened the Indian restaurant Sambar. Ward’s spice-driven drinks menu at Sambar earned her a spot on the cover of the Los Angeles Times food section when legendary critic Jonathan Gold took notice.

the backstory

Clover Club History

"It has a long history dating back to at least 1910, and was enjoyed by the captains of industry who were members of the famous club." In its heyday, the drink was described as being enjoyed by the pre-prohibition crowd. The drink seems to have been forgotten partly due to the use of raw egg in the cocktail - we use vegan Aquafaba instead - which many people shy away from, and partly due to the complexity of its preparation.

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