Tajin Dream Paloma

Grapefruit Paloma

Tart, juicy, mildly spicy.  Gio Gutuirrez out of Miami refines the traditional Paloma so the fresh grapefruit juice is noticeable but not overpowering or overly tart.  

Tequila Reposado from Casa Mexico supplies that natural sweet hue through each sip.  Fresh lime juice and agave syrup provide the foundational Mexican sweet and sour base.  It's brought to life with a unique chili lime seasoning blend made with mild chili peppers, lime, and sea salt.

Spirit: Casa Mexico Tequila Reposado

ABV: 16%

Serving Size: 2 100ml Cocktails



Tequila Reposado, Orange liqueur, cold pressed fresh Grapefruit and Lime juice, Agave syrup, Chili-salt


Spirit Forward




Fruit Factor





Giovanny Gutierrez Giovanny Gutierrez Giovanny Gutierrez Giovanny Gutierrez



Cuban-born and Miami-bred, Giovanny Gutierrez brings six years of hospitality experience to the table in his role as U.S. Havana Club Ambassador. A bona fide lover of rum, Gio first joined the Bacardi Team in 2013 as Florida ambassador for its high-end, award-winning Facundo Rum collection. From developing and executing trainings to fostering brand advocacy within the South Florida community, Gio satiates his insatiable thirst through educating and inspiring those around him by creating unforgettable spirited experiences with anyone that luckily crosses his path. While he lives and breathes Miami, you will typically find him traveling the country—hosting events and seminars, guest bartending anywhere where they’ll let him shake up a daiquiri, and representing all things Cuba. 

Spirit Partner

Casa Mexico Tequila

Casa México Tequila is honored to partner with the El Nacimiento Distillery, a family owned and operated establishment spanning 5 generations with over 100 years of experience growing agave and distilling tequila. Casa Mexico's founders Don Buccio, Oscar De La Hoya and Mario Lopez along with their Master Distiller have worked hand in hand to create a truly exceptional spirit. Casa México Tequila encompasses their love for both Mexican culture and family heritage, inspiring a product that is both rich in history and rooted in tradition.

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